Information about Kansas City Real Estate Buyers Charles Gilbert and John Woods

The Real Estate Professional


John began his Real Estate investment journey in Colorado Springs in 2004;  investing in residential new-build and redevelopment projects. One “flip” became a “flop” in 2009, during the real estate crash, and that’s when John began investing in the concept of “buy, flip and hold” – he quickly became familiar with the benefits of land-lording.

In order to advance his knowledge of real estate, particularly Wholesaling, Rehabbing and the Foreclosure and Short Sale business, in 2012 John began training with Than Merrill’s Fortune Builders team (you know, the guys on A&E’s Flip This House). John found himself completely immersed in Fortune Builder “systems” and the structure of the Mastery program. He soon became a team member of FB and now Graduate of the Fortune Builders Mastery Program in Real Estate.

Originally from Kansas City, John has a passion for rehabilitating the blighted and older neighborhoods of the metro area and help residents live their dream of affordable, respectful and proud home ownership. John also loves helping people rid themselves of the stress caused by unwanted homes in disrepair and problem situations.

The Ultimate Goal


To build strong, mutually beneficial community relationships! The kind built on solid core values.


Why Woot?


Meaning: (WuT). Celebratory exclamation and expression of accomplishment and gratitude. Because we couldn't think of a better name!