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Bird Dogging in the Gig Economy

“Interested people do what is convenient. Committed people do whatever it takes.”

Our Bird Dog process, also known as our House Finders Program, is simple and perfect for people who like to set their own hours and be their own boss. It's simple, you perform real estate scouting and contact us with information about a motivated home seller, we buy the property and then we pay you. The new term “Snap Flip,” popularized by Danny Perkins and Drew Levin from the DIY show “Renovate To Rent,” is a similar concept to what we do, however, Woot doesn’t charge you thousands of dollars in training and membership fees.

Our Bird Dogs / House Finders are independent contractors who work their own schedule; many currently have a full-time job, have worked in the real estate industry or are just interested in learning more about real estate investing and gaining financial freedom and independence.

The House Finders Program is a perfect opportunity for part-time gigs or weekend work, and if you’re interested in learning real estate investing there is no better way to start. In fact, many full-time investors started out scouting and referring properties in programs just like this!

We believe real estate investing is an extraordinary path to financial freedom, and the knowledge you gain from working with us and learning the mind of the investor could be the first step toward your OWN financial freedom!

Why Become A House Finder?

There are several reasons to join our House Finders Program and start referring properties today:

  1. You can start in your spare time as a side gig.

  2. You can gain hands-on real estate investing experience without risk.

  3. You don’t need money or credit.

  4. There is absolutely zero financial risk.

  5. You can find out if real estate investing is for you without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on books, courses, or other learning aids.

  6. It’s a relatively easy way to make some great money

House Finders job is simply to find motivated Sellers and submit quality leads, and we handle the rest of the process. We don’t know of an easier way to learn something new, make $$$$, and help your community at the same time!

We will even take you on a “field trip” to one of our lead properties and show you how to fill out a complete scope of work.

If you are interested in being a House Finder or want to know more, please email us at or go to

House Finders Real Estate Investor Bird Dog Program

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