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Expert Real Estate Investors in Kansas City

Woot Home Buyers are constantly marketing in the Kansas City area for wholesale property deals to continue filling our pipeline of rehab projects. Occasionally we run into situations where we have more opportunities than we can handle. While we don’t like passing up a great deal, this is a good thing for you and a great reason you want to be on our Wholesale Buyer’s Hotlist.

If you’re looking for your next rehab wholesale deal that will make you $20k or greater, you’re in the right place. Just sign up at the bottom of this page and get ready to start making money! Woot Home Buyers of Kansas City makes the wholesale analysis as easy as possible for our rehabbers and buyers. We will supply you with MLS comparables to show you what you will be able to list the property for once your rehab is complete and to show you what we are basing our numbers on. Call us (816) 200-7990